Peter Offringa

Software Stack Investing


Information technology executive with significant experience leading large-scale software development efforts on advanced Internet-based platforms. Built teams of 100+ engineers at both rapidly growing start-ups and publicly traded companies. Typically operates as member of the senior leadership team.

Expertise in applying agile software development practices to expanding organizations, yielding consistent, reliable results. Responsible for highly-scalable computing infrastructure in multiple cloud environments. Launched numerous instances of engaging, consumer-facing products that delight users. Extensive experience in social apps, advertising systems, content management, e-commerce, product catalogs, and peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Deep technical leadership in systems architecture, software services, APIs, security, UI/UX, payment systems, enterprise tool development, big data and analytics, search, automated testing, cloud hosting and DevOps practices. Named inventor on three US patent applications.

Technical advisor for several start-ups, including Boatsetter, Fliptop (acquired by LinkedIn), Clickability (acquired by Limelight) and Care Bridge International.

Current passion project is blogging about investing in software companies at I am applying my broad understanding of modern software infrastructure towards the evaluation of publicly-traded companies.

Past blog about engineering leadership at

Session Recording - Ask your developer... for your next investment idea